Xeenon Chat Widget

Add the Xeenon Chat Widget to your stream

Currently we offer creators a chat widget that can be used as a Browser source in your streaming studio, or in it's own browser tab to stay updated with your chat. To accomplish this, follow the steps below.

We have plans to expand on this in the near future to provide more relevant data to add to your stream as overlays.

First, head to your streaming dashboard, (make sure you are signed in to your account).

  • In the "Chat" section of the dashboard, click the 3 dots in the top right corner.

  • Copy your chat URL

  • Open up your streaming studio (in this example I am using OBS)

  • In the Sources section inside of OBS, add a Browser source and paste in the chat URL

  • You should see a transparent element on your screen, this will fill with chat messages as they arrive!

Enable sound notifications for messages, tips, follows, and subscriptions inside of your streaming studio (OBS is pictured but it will work for Streamlabs as well)

  • Enable "Control Audio" in the browser source properties

  • Make sure that "monitor" is selected for the browser source in the advanced audio properties if you want to hear the output from OBS

  • Use "monitor and output" if you also want your viewers to hear the alerts

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