Mobile Streaming

Go live from anywhere, at any time!

Stream set up

  1. Once the Xeenon Broadcaster mobile application is connected, tap "Next."

  2. Fill out the necessary fields (these will be displayed on Xeenon's web application to your viewers), and tap "Next."

  3. Add a banner image, this can be a photo on your device, or you make a new photograph directly inside the application.

  4. Add relevant tags (these help discovery on the platform).

  5. Tap "Next."

  6. Verify your stream information and tap "Continue to Camera."

Start broadcasting

  1. Before you start, plan out your stream and orient the Xeenon Broadcaster camera using the icon.

    - You can not change the orientation midstream. This is to provide a quality viewing experience to your audience.

  2. Using the icon, you can flip to the front or back camera at any time during your broadcast.

  3. Once you're ready to go live, click "Start streaming."

  4. You can mute your device's audio input anytime during your stream by clicking the icon and unmute at any time by clicking it again.

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