General set up

  1. Click the Dashboard button in the left sidebar

  2. Fill out the necessary fields

    • You are only required to define a stream title and set the stream cost, but we recommend filling out all fields for the best discovery on the platform.

    • Uploading a quality stream thumbnail is a great way to capture potential viewers' attention while browsing the application.

    • Credits are pinned to a 1DAI: 100 Credits ratio, so the default of 5 credits per minute amounts to .05 DAI per minute per viewer

    • You will earn credits on Xeenon for every minute that a viewer is watching, depending on the credits per minute rate that you have set for a stream

      • Credit payments are on chain and happen as soon as any viewer stops watching your stream

Reward your community with NFT holder discounts

If you already have a pre-existing web3 community, Xeenon has the tools to drive even more value back to your NFT holders.

  • Add special pricing or grant free access for holders of any Mainnet Ethereum ERC721 / ERC1155 tokens

Streaming is Free and Secure

  • You can stream whatever you'd like!

    • Music performances

    • Gaming

    • Podcasts & Tutorials

    • +++

  • We allow you to use your preferred streaming studio

    • Fully customize and optimize your stream before and during a broadcast

  • We recommend using any Streamlabs Studio or the Open Broadcast Software

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