Getting Started

Web3 Live Streaming Without Borders

🤔 What is Xeenon?

  • Xeenon is a Web3 streaming platform built for creators and their communities on top of the Arbitrum and Livepeer Networks.

🧐 Why build a live streaming platform using blockchain technology?

  • Building payment rails on top of the Arbitrum blockchain allows us to keep fees low while offering superior security, transparency, and instant payments to creators.
  • By leveraging the Livepeer network, we can ensure the best-in-class streaming experiences using their decentralized video transcoding network.

❓Okay, what do I need to get started then?

  • All you need is a crypto wallet and the willingness to create. We recommend using the Metamask wallet.
  • For information and best practices on setting up a wallet, please refer to the Metamask FAQ.

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