Getting Started

Web3 Live Streaming Without Borders

🤔 What is Xeenon?

  • Xeenon is a Web3 streaming platform built for creators and their communities on top of the Arbitrum and Livepeer Networks.

😬 How hard is it to withdraw my earnings?

We make the withdrawal process easy, there is no minimum withdrawal threshold, and creators on Xeenon can start earning immediately.

💰 I heard you pay creators in ETH just for streaming on the platform... is it true?

  • YES! By running an orchestrator on the Livepeer Protocol for video transcoding, we are able to kick back a percentage of the revenue generated to creators for making use of the network!
  • The percentage breakdown as of now is shown in the graphic below. The Fee Cut represents the ETH that is paid to the Xeenon orchestrator for completing transcoding jobs on the Livepeer network, while the Reward Cut represents inflationary $LPT rewards.

🧐 Why build a live streaming platform using blockchain technology?

  • Building payment rails on top of the Arbitrum blockchain allows us to keep fees low while offering superior security, transparency, and instant payments to creators.
  • By leveraging the Livepeer network, we can ensure the best-in-class streaming experiences using their decentralized video transcoding network.

🦊 Do I need a crypto wallet to get started?

  • Nope! We've recently integrated, which allows anyone to create and start earning on Xeenon without needing a self custodial wallet (you can still connect with traditional wallet providers like Metamask if you wish)! Simply head to and start creating!

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