Xeenon uses DAI

100 Credits = 1 DAI

You'll need DAI to purchase credits on Xeenon.

Credits are used to view streams, purchase exclusive content, and, most importantly support your favorite creators on the platform.

Swapping ETH for DAI on Arbitrum

There are many ways to get DAI on Arbitrum.

We recommend first bridging ETH to Arbitrum and then swapping ETH for DAI using 1inch. This allows you to take advantage of the low transaction costs that Arbitrum offers, as swapping on mainnet can cost you up to 10-20x in gas fees.

  1. Once you've got some ETH on the Arbitrum Network, head over to 1inch or Uniswap

  2. If you use the above 1inch link, the ETH - DAI pair should already be loaded up for you

  3. Connect your wallet to the application

  4. Select the amount of ETH you'd like to swap to DAI and click "Swap."

  5. Click "Confirm swap" and sign the transaction

Now that you have DAI, you can buy credits on Xeenon and start supporting your favorite creators!

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